In 2010, I learned I had Breast Cancer.  I had just had my first mammogram and was quite dumbfounded to learn of my diagnosis.  In surviving that particular journey, I learned many valuable lessons along the way.  This year (2017), I have been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer.  More lessons to learn?  I guess so… this blog is part therapy/ part reaching out to others who might be in a similar situation or who just want to understand more about this condition/ my condition.  As a Christian, I keep a strong hold of my faith to get me through this particularly part of my life journey so yeah, you will find references to God throughout.  That’s just how it is with me.  But there are other blessings — my husband, my children, our crazy kittens, the sky on a cloudless day, a fog-filled morning, an amber sunset.  If you interested in joining me, read on… add another page.