Telling the World – It’s back!

Telling people you have cancer again is so weird.  I mean, telling them you have gray hairs, yeah, okay.  That you have a cold again.  Totally acceptable.  But cancer… again… are you kidding me?

And the thoughts, comments come, not just from me but all over…

“But you were doing so well”

“I thought they got it the first time?”

“How does that happen?”

Yep, it’s all a bit much.  And for me, telling everyone via Facebook seemed an easy way to at least “make the announcement”.

This is how it went.. “this time round, it will be different.  Highly likely options are radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy and Herceptin.  I will know more over the next few weeks with tests, etc.

“It might seem morbid and perhaps even OTT dramatic to announce my illness this way but I know from experience that each time I face people or speak to others about it, it’s quite draining for me… anticipating others’ reactions, reliving the telling… so I am dealing with it my way, from a place of strength, while I have it.

“I probably can’t answer too many questions right now as I don’t have many answers.

“My husband Brian is my rock and my kids are just wonderful.  We are just doing our usual for now… like going to the beach as we did today (somewhere we had never been).  Spectacular!

“I will update you every now and then.  And in case you’re wondering, yes, I am still going to church because I believe God is with me through this journey.

“When people ask me ‘why you?’  I say ‘why not me?’ ”

I was blown away by the positive messages of support from friends, family and acquaintances, from former colleagues, school mates… all over the place.

It’s certainly one of the positives about Facebook.

That was 2 months ago.


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